Don’t Foam-Roll Your IT Band – One Perspective

foam-roller-on-hipAs a kid, you don’t think about exercise, you’re just active.  But if you eat like most adults do today, you need some form of exercise to combat all the excess calories.  When I started running in 2010 as a way to burn calories, I chose running because it was cheap and I could do it anywhere. It really didn’t require any special equipment, and I didn’t have to GO to the gym to workout – I would just walk out my front door and start running.

Not long after I started to build up some distance, I was noticing I was having pain down the side of my right leg.  I had no idea that running was probably the contributing factor, or how to eleviate it.  Yoga helped some, but using a foam roller helped the most, especially after long runs.  I not only use my foam roller for my legs, but my back, neck, even sore triceps after any tough workout.  But I ran across this article with a helpful diagram and video the other day and was shocked to see that I might be rolling in the wrong place.

I can’t say his method is the right one for you, but i tried it and I sure did feel it in my tensor fascia latae, because I had been spending so much time focusing on the IT band itself.  I will keep up my efforts and hopefully that will continue to alleviate some of my tight muscles in my legs.


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One thought on “Don’t Foam-Roll Your IT Band – One Perspective

  1. Hey there, Mel. Glad to hear that my article seemed useful. I’d love to hear how that method works for you, over some time.

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